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I am a PR professional with over ten years experience in the creation & implementation of publicity, campaigns & press management. With a multifaceted career history, she has worked with some of the UK's top organisations and individuals - in a range of industries, including entertainment, sports, beauty, fashion and finance - spearheading and contributing to several successful campaigns.


Creating tailored strategies for each project to ensure business needs and objectives are met, regardless of the size of production. Working with films, in cinemas or on DVD, I understand the challenges faced by filmmakers and distributors in a competitive market. Through our work, I focus on building real engagement, with our expertise covering publicity, marketing, creative and social. 

Whether your film needs a full press campaign and creative content ready for launch, we can support and guide you through the entire process; publicity tours, junkets, film festivals, red carpets, plus corporate representation of festivals, cinemas and industry organisations, talent handling and general publicity needs. The creation and delivery bespoke, targeted press campaigns with far-reaching impact internationally, nationally and locally. 


Alongside film campaigns, we even work with filmmakers and artists directly to create a personal publicity strategy.

Available for freelance PR services across Entertainment, Film, TV and personal profiles/talent. 


More information coming soon

Until then check out her LinkedIn page or reach her on social media

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