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the culture reel

Created, Produced and co-hosted by Tolu.

The Culture Reel is a new platform created to fill the ‘diversity’ gap in film criticism and journalism in the UK, promoting the diversity and inclusion of voices that consume entertainment.

Hosted by two black British women, The Culture Reel offers a new viewpoint and narrative to film reviews and criticism, the entertainment industry, and social/current affairs, and more, providing the world a perspective not often heard.​

bace media network

Founded by Tolu.

BACE aims to challenge the lack of diversity within media and the creative industries.

Working to create access and opportunities for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) creatives from marginalised groups and under-represented communities in TV, Film, Art, Broadcast, Theatre, Literature/Publishing, Journalism, and Marketing & Communications.​


C​ollaborating with organisations and individuals we encourage and champion diversity and inclusion in the workforce, through proven practices such as consultations, workshops, mentoring, training and networking events, as well as a series of creative action, lobbying and campaigns.

pr consultant

Establishing a career in Public Relations for well over a decade, Tolu has worked with a range of B2B and B2C clients, in a variety of industries, including Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Finance, Film/TV, Food & FMCG, Sports, Healthcare and personal profiles/talent.

Working with brands and individuals - whether small start ups, independent organisations, entrepreneurs or larger companies, Tolu actively creates tailored PR and Communications strategies for each project and campaign to meet business needs and objectives, whether increasing media presence or brand management.


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