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is a new screening event dealing in directorial debuts, showcasing the films that kickstart careers.

Co-founded by a professional team of three women working in the film industry - film critic/writer and host Hanna Flint, producer Natalie Gothelf and myself, publicist Tolu Rachael Akisanya - the event is committed to championing all filmmakers from all backgrounds, and aims brings the film-loving community together to celebrate a diverse range of filmmakers by presenting the films that launched their careers.



Every screening event will showcase the short film of an exciting, emerging filmmaker followed by the main presentation of a well-established director’s debut feature.

After both films are screened, it will be followed by a live discussion and Q&A with both directors, 

where they will have an opportunity to talk about their first films together; their individual journeys and careers so far, their inspirations, lessons from film school (if they went), their methods and approaches to filmmaking, the struggles and successes associated with the art of movie-making, the difference between and the development of directing a short film and a feature film and much more.

Guests and members of the audience then have the opportunity to take part in a special live Q&A where the directors will answer any of their questions and provide an insight into their work - an experience many people would not have access to.

This fresh new take on the 'traditional' film club encourages cinephiles to (re)discover the importance of shorts as creative pieces of film, and the importance of the very first feature film as a step in a filmmakers career, as well as giving film-lovers the opportunity to immerse themselves in discussions about craft and creativity with prominent filmmakers.


For more information get in touch via @first_filmclub on Twitter and Instagram

or Facebook

or email us at

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