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Produced and hosted by publicist and film enthusiast, Tolu Akisanya, with a host of guests,

The Culture Reel is an independent platform "filling the gap" of underrepresented voices in

film, television, art and culture.

Each episode, Tolu will be chatting to guests about the latest releases, old favourites, some widely known blockbusters to lesser-known independent films and foreign titles, art exhibitions and shows, plays at the theatre, and what we've been binging on TV and SVOD

- whilst also discussing the equally important team and crew behind them, as well as the wider industry - 

all wrapped in lighthearted informative and entertaining chit-chat between two friends.

Representing and highlighting the wide range of voices that consume entertainment, 

The culture Reel proves that there’s enough space for all diverse voices within the industry.

so, what even is this podcast anyway?

...that a study in USA found that just 22.2% of film critics are female and only 4.1% are women of colour* Here in the UK, the situation is not much better. *source 

We all consume entertainment but we rarely hear different views.

The Culture Reel podcast is a show that offers a new and different viewpoint on film, TV, theatre, entertainment, and pop-culture, 

providing the world with a perspective not often heard.

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Please get in touch about working with us - we are open to new opportunities!


If you are interested in sponsoring the podcast or advertising, or would like Tolu as a guest on your show, or even if you would like to commission her for written work or other potential partnerships, whatever it is, I'd love to hear from you.

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